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Moisture Measurement & Control

NIR Moisture Sensors for Measurement & Control from Lab to Line

Take Advantage of MoistTech in the UK & Across Europe!

MoistTech Corp. has quickly become the leader in Moisture Measurement using Near- Infrared (NIR) technology. With state of the art technology, MoistTech is able to monitor Fat/Oil and Coat Weight for the converting and film applications.

We manufacture a range of on-line sensors & at-line instruments for moisture measurement and real-time moisture process control for numerous applications which provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance. These sensors are insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height, & colour.

Our sensors only require a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design which allows operational personnel to confidently make immediate adjustments based on real-time readings.

The 3000 series sensors provide continuous reliable readings insensitive to material variations.

Accurate real-time measurements aid in production efficiency resulting in energy savings and potential increased productivity with less material loss.

MoistTech sensors use state-of-the-art components allowing installation in some the most extreme locations.

In addition to the MoistTech management software, we also offer several read-out options to display and/or adjust the measurement outputs desired or required for production.

Headquartered in the USA, we offer regional sales, supports and manufacturing facility in our UK based office as well as all across Europe.

Featured Moisture Sensor Applications

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Mineral & Bulk Materials

Testing moisture content throughout the manufacturing process provides;

• Cost savings in energy and fuel for manufacturers

• Less all around product waste
Continuous NIR online moisture testing allows manufacturers to monitor moisture levels. This controls their dryers to optimise production with minimum energy requirements.

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Human/Snack Foods


Manufactures strive to achieve the absolute best finished product.

The amount of water a product contains affects;
• taste, appearance
• consistency, stability and shelf life.
Testing the moisture levels of the final product insures that the highest quality product and consistency.

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Animal Foods


Constant moisture monitoring in the raw materials and controlling the mixing/blending processes ensures consistent quality with the feed.

This enables substantial savings in the production process.



MoistTech’s state-of-the-art sensor are specifically suited to measure;

• moisture levels
• water and solvent based coatings
• coat weight during the paper/converting process
This tremendously improves the manufactures product quality resulting in increased productivity and substantial cost savings.

Wood Products

MoistTech provides state of the art wood moisture sensors for the non-contact measurement in forest products such as;
• fiber, sawdust
• hog fuel, wood flakes
• wood particles
These sensors allow wood product manufacturers to fine-tune moisture levels with real-time information, lower fuel and raw material costs, produce higher yields, and provide more consistent products.



Moisture content widely varies in raw materials during different points within the production process. Non-contact moisture measurement is essential for achieving an optimal finished product. By ensuring textiles are neither too wet nor too dry at key points in the production process, a more consistent product can be achieved while the company cuts cost through reduced waste and limited downtime.


There’s nothing worse than a wasted effort with the exception of economic loss and decreased productivity. Excess moisture can ruin products such as;
• hog fuel, waste fiber
• wood chips, pellets
• saw dust, shavings, and forest waste
MoistTech’s on-line and at-line monitoring solutions provide an efficient technique to measure moisture content in each application or product.


The most sensitive area of the tobacco process is the dryer control.

Thousands of kilos of tobacco are processed on an hourly basis where volume, temperature, and input moisture may vary.

The MoistTech Model 828 Sensor provides the ability to monitor and control this process to within a tenth of a percent.

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MoistTech Ranks #1 Among Customers:

After 40 years in the business, MoistTech provides optimal customer service and equipment on multiple applications.

"Ideal for power plants, DDG and pellet manufacturing the MoistTech sensor is the only product that can measure to accuracy of. 0.1 percent on screw conveyors. The instruments patented software removes any effect of the screw and only measures the product. The model 3000 is the only sensor with this technology and makes other moisture analyzers obsolete."

"Not only can the IR-3000 measure moisture but also our customer applies a water based coating to some of their product and our sensor can measure the thickness of the coating at a very successful accuracy. Installing the IR-3000 Online Sensor will help our customer act immediately on any issues that might arise during production."

"By installing the MoistTech IR-3000 Online Moisture sensor over the process, our customer could now monitor the moisture continuously at a +/- 0.1% accuracy which helped tremendously with being able to make any adjustments on the speed or the temperature of their dryers. The sensor was also integrated with their PLC using one of our three 4-20mA outputs."

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